A new version of Lab 1a has been posted with revisions to the "Prep: What do you need to start?" section that add instructions for browser security settings.


Some newer browser versions have tightened security setting defaults that interfere with some Salesforce functions as noted in the Browser Security Settings Advisory posted here on 9/22. Adding these instructions to the 1a cover sheet ("Pre-flight Checklsit) should help prevent these issues from snagging students but please continue to urge them to read the Pre-flight Checklists before every lab and in particular, highlight this browser security setting issue to them at the beginning. Thanks!

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Lab 1b has been revised by moving the three steps from the top of the cover sheet (the "Pre-flight Checklist") into the instructions in the body of the exercise while preserving the original step numbering for the screencap deliverables. Only Steps 19-22 were affected so there are no implications for instructors using the updated version except that there will be no further complications for students working the labs outside the US.


Until now, students at universities outside the US, or those at US universities working from home countries outside the US during the Covid pandemic, for example, would fail to import MaxsPitchDataFile successfully, due to date format differences, unless they first changed their Locale setting to English (United States). These steps appeared at the top of the Pre-flight Checklist but were often overlooked. Embedding them in the standard steps instead will prevent this for these students.

The three Locale setting steps were collapsed into one and Steps 19 and 20 from the existing version were collapsed as well so most other step numbers are preserved, particularly the deliverable checkpoints but also the Help FAQ numbering so the overall impact is negligible, except for the benefit to students working outside the US.


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