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Salesforce has still not corrected this glitch in their account-generator so students who click the form Submit button multiple times are still winding up with multiple accounts, all with the same username! This leads to tons of confusion and chaos.

So please stress to any of your students when they are getting their accounts, that they click Submit only once, no matter how long it may take to get a response.

And as always, it helps if you emphasize they read & follow all the instructions and the cover pages carefully. Then they will have zero problems.

If they DO run into trouble, they should check the Help FAQ first, then post to the Help Forum only if they can't find help in the FAQ.

As always, thank you all for your understanding and patience!

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If your students have already started/finished 1a, it's not necessary to redistribute these to them. These are minor tweaks to precisely match Salesforce's latest release (Spring 24).

But if your students haven't started the labs yet, please do download these now so they will get them. Besides the release tweaks, the new 1a include some edits to help students avoid the issue we reported earlier when they click Submit multiple times and get multiple accounts with the same username.

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The grader app has now been updated to account for the recent Salesforce Spring 24 Release.

Students installing now will be getting the updated version.

Students who installed before now (2/15/24) should uninstall the old grader and reinstall the new one now.

The uninstall instructions to share with students appear below.

Apologies for the hassles in the interim. Thanks for bearing with us!


To uninstall the Max Labs Grader app:

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Then, on the lefthand menu, go to Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages

  3. On the row for Max Labs Grader, click Uninstall

  4. Then on the page that appears, scroll all the way down and click Do not save ... and then in the popup click Ok

  5. Then check Yes, I want to uninstall...

  6. Then click the Uninstall button below

Soon you'll get an email from SF saying you uninstalled and when you reload the Installed Packages page, the Max Labs Grader will be gone.

Then you can install the Max Labs Grader app again normally and it will be the new version (v91).

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