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We just posted one more update of 3b to account for Salesforce's latest release a few weeks ago.

We also made a few very minor edits to 1b.

Both files are updated in place, as always, in the Google Drive folder here.

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Sorry, we just found two more steps in 3b that were affected by Salesforce's recent new release (the Flow settings now appear on the canvas alongside the diagram, rather than in popup windows) and we have updated 3b accordingly (Steps 38 & 39).

So if you could please distribute the newly updated (as of today, 11/8) version of 3b from the Google Drive folder to any students who still need to complete that one, that would be great. Thanks!

Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your patience!

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Saleforce's recent update included a couple of changes affecting some steps and screencaps in Lab 3a and 3b. We've just updated the PDFs in place in that same old Google Drive folder linked here for your convenience.

Please distribute now to any students who have prior versions of these labs and still need to complete them. This will prevent confusion and keep things smooth for the students and you (and us).


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