The new version of Lab 2a residing now in the Lab Packets folder of the Google Drive also includes an update to the screencap appearing after Step 17 to show the new "We hit a snag" popup that Salesforce throws up by the Save bar at the bottom whenever a validation rule is violated. Now the screencap matches what students will see, preventing confusion.

Please be sure to download and distribute this new version of Lab 2a for your students. Thanks!

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Salesforce's recent Winter 21 Release appears to have impacted the display format of Text Area fields in some contexts where text entries that are longer than their horizontal display space are no longer truncated but instead break onto multiple lines. Salesforce has listed this as a bug, pending fix, in the Kanban-style List View context which doesn't affect the labs. But we find this same issue showing up in the Related List view at the end of Lab 2a such that students' screencaps will show the entire contents of the Comments field for each entry, rather than a truncated version.

This should not cause much confusion and we expect it to be corrected by Salesforce soon so we are not updating the embedded screencap at this time. We are simply making instructors aware and noting it in the Help FAQ at MaxzPlace in case students search it there.

Lab 2a is now updated to include an annotation in the margin at the 1st deliverable point (p 4) to clarify to students that, while displaying the verification message being depicted, they can not use the character icon to pull down their name panel as they normally do, but that's ok – they can simply screencap just the Pitch record panel itself because their name appears there as Owner.

In Salesforce, the character icon name panel can't be opened while the record is in edit mode, as it is for that particular case, to show the data verification rule in action. But in this instance, the name panel isn't needed anyway because the student's name appears as part of the record being displayed. The new annotation prevents students from struggling to try to make the name panel appear.

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