This Fall semester we're seeing some students having new browser issues. Specifically, Apple tightened their security profile late last Spring by turning on Prevent cross-site tracking by default in Safari 13.1 and later. This setting can cause certain Salesforce pages to fail, specifically for Step 2 in Lab 1a. When working on the labs, students need to turn this off (along with popup blockers and blocking all cookies, as usual).

Other browsers can cause the same problem(s) if students have tightened security settings themselves. Specifically in Chrome, Block third-party cookies should be disabled to ensure Salesforce compatibility. And in Firefox, the security configuration should be set back to Standard if it has been tightened to a higher level.

For students reluctant to relax their general browsing settings, we suggest creating specific profiles with relaxed settings just for working on the labs. Then they can switch back to their stricter profiles for general browsing.

Note that the Help FAQ at MaxzPlace has been updated accordingly.

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