The recent Salesforce update to the verification rule error messages described in a recent post here precipitated a minor revision of the Lab 2a/b rubric which has now been updated in place on the Google Drive here.

Another minor clarification has also been made to the Lab 3a/b rubric, also now updated in place on the Google Drive here.

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Students will not be able to open new Salesforce accounts using Outlook/Office 365 email addresses if the Safelinks protocol has been applied by the Office 365 admin. Safelinks intercepts the email verification message from Salesforce, checks the link for safety and rewrites it into the message before delivering it to the recipient. In doing so, Safelinks disables the verification link sent by Salesforce because the link can be accessed only once. When the student tries the link, that counts as the 2nd access and the link fails.

Some campuses are using Outlook/Office 365 with Safelinks applied as their organizational email system. Students should be advised not to use Outlook/Office 365 email addresses to get their Salesforce accounts if Safelinks is being applied. We recommend they get a new free Gmail/Google account to use for working the Max Labs and access it through the web interface rather than Outlook.

Alternatively, there is a relatively simple fix that can be applied by the Office 365 admin that tells Safelinks not to rewrite email links coming in from the Salesforce domain. Here's a link to the Salesforce Knowledge Article that describes the issue and the fix.

The Help FAQ at MaxzPlace has been updated accordingly.

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