Salesforce Update Affecting Lab 1a!

Sorry everyone but this week Salesforce is in the process of updating to the new Spring 20 release on a rolling basis across accounts/servers. The new release indirectly affects the interface for the mobile app and thus Lab 1a is affected. Today, we updated the mobile app-related steps and screencaps at the bottom of Lab 1a to account for the new release effects.This new, now current version will work fine for any student whose account has been migrated to the Spring 20 release. The existing previous version of Lab 1a works for students whose accounts have not yet been migrated. Most student accounts will be migrated on 2/14 but a few may have been migrated already. (All accounts worldwide will be migrated by Monday, 2/17.) So, if you have students working Lab 1a during this week, some of them may be using accounts that have not been migrated yet. They can use the old version of Lab 1a (previous to today) OR they can use the new current version if they will  do the 14 steps below before logging into the mobile app to start Step 84. (Remember, there are no deliverables for the mobile portion so skipping this section altogether is another alternative.) To find out if an account has been migrated already or not, one can log in (or just refresh any page within SF) and look for the brief splash screen logo. If the logo shows a gray wolf observing a hummingbird, then the account has been migrated to the Spring 20 release and the new version of Lab 1a will work fine. If the logo shows a character in a hammock between two palm trees with a coconut falling down, then the student's account has NOT yet been migrated so they should use the previous version of Lab 1a OR use the new current version and just do the following 14 steps sometime before logging into the mobile app to start Step 84:

  1. Click Setup > Users (under Administration) > Permission Sets

  2. Click the button labelled New, above and to the left of the list of permission sets in the center panel

  3. Set the Label to "Add New Mobile"

  4. Tab to autofill API Name

  5. Click Save

  6. Scroll the center panel to the bottom and click System Permissions

  7. Click the Edit button

  8. Scroll all the way down to New Salesforce Mobile App and check the checkbox

  9. Scroll back up to the top and click Save

  10. Click Manage Assignments (upper middle)

  11. Click Add Assignment

  12. Check the checkbox by your name

  13. Click the Assign button

  14. Click Done

Again, all accounts worldwide will be migrated by 2/17 so if your students are doing Lab 1a after 2/17, just be sure you download and distribute the current version of Lab 1a and all will be fine. You only need to do anything with this if they are working Lab 1a this week. Sorry for the confusion. We do our best to adjust quickly when Salesforce's updates affect the labs.

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