Just in time for Spring sessions, we're launching a new site to support students before, during and after the Max Labs:

Before: First, there's a How, What & Why section for introducing, orienting and motivating students up front, before they start the labs. There's tons of YouTube vids to showing how Salesforce spans Business functional areas (Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, HR, ...) and how it's used by tons of big name brands they know (Coke, Mattel, GE, Sony, Toyota, etc.) across all industries.

During: We've incorporated all the original Troubleshooting Quickref material (and more) into a new Help FAQ with a nicer, more friendly/usable format. There's also a Help Forum for posting issues not found in the Help FAQ.

After: Finally, there's a Go Beyond section to help them use what they learned in job interviews, etc. and tp consider going for Salesforce certifications if they want to "dig deeper".

We expect you may find it useful to preview the site with your students when first introducing/assigning the labs. But please let us know what you think, whether/how it works for you, any suggested fixes, additions, etc. We want to support you in helping students get the most out of the experience they can. Thanks!


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